Rebar detailing is the discipline of preparing shop/placing drawings or shop drawings of steel reinforcement for construction. The finished rebar shop drawings contain quantity, description, placement, bending shapes with dimensions and laps of the reinforcing steel. This data can be directly fed into CNC machines that cuts and bends the rebar to the desired shapes.

Abtech LLC contains experienced staff who ensure quality and accurate Rebar Detailing services at competitive rates and on time delivery. We also offer Pre-Detailing Services. The shop drawings produced by our highly skilled team can help the client by ensuring accurate, efficient installing of rebar at site with minimal problems. We deal with Rebar Detailing of almost all kinds of civil structures including high rise residential projects, hospitals, treatment plants, educational institutions, convention halls, shopping malls and many more.

Our strength is the winning combination of experienced project managers, well trained detailers and the latest software. We make customer service a priority by working diligently to provide the best Rebar Detailing in the industry we are a part of.

We provide high quality Shop drawings, Rebar Detailing, and Rebar Estimating at competitive rate and quick turnaround time.

We have highly qualified and experienced rebar detailing engineers responsible for Rebar Shop Drawings and Bar Bending Schedules (BBS) for our clients. Our detailing team figures bends shapes and lap splices to meet the project specifications. We also determine the placing sequence of the rebar so that you can meet your schedule. The latest version in AutoCAD combined with skilled staffs help us to provide outstanding services.


Highly Experienced Project Managers with 20 years’ experience.


We have a highly skilled DETAILING TEAM with 150+ Detailers & Engineers. We provide our customers with easy to read rebar shop drawings and BBS.We look forward to demonstrating our skills and providing you with reliable, quality work for years to come.